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My favorite role playing game of all time was Traveller.  Today, the version of Traveller I played is known as Classic Traveller, but at the time it was just Traveller.  While we never actually did the adventure (we detoured badly in the first episode), the start given to our group by The Traveller Adventure sustained our group for a solid two years.  (Even today, if I had to get rid of all of my Traveller material, the two items I would keep are The Traveller Book and The Traveller Adventure.  To me, those two volumes are The Quintessential Traveller.)

Wow! I have actually been published now! I wrote the Spinward States sourcebook for Traveller 1248. It covers the four full sectors formerly know as the Domain of Deneb: Spinward Marches, Deneb, Trojan Reach, and Reft. Too bad Avenger's Traveller license expired; it is now unavailable. I hope you got it while it was available.

85 Reasons
I made an off-hand comment on the Citizens of the Imperium Discussion Boards about creating a list of "77 Reasons CT is Great".  Many people made suggestions, and the list is now at 85.  Instead of just letting the list pass away, I am preserving it here.

At the time I really liked the Solomani and the Sword Worlds.  I think the main reason was because they were not the Imperials, who were portrayed as the default "good" guys, but whom I did not perceive as overly good.  Plus they both were presented as the "bad" guys, making them even more irresistable.  However, in my reinvestigation of Traveller, I found the group whom I most like (and would gladly be part of) are the Daryens.

Since there does not seem to be a great interest in them, I figured I would strike while the opportunity is present and start profiling them.  Hopefully this will end up being the definitive site on the web as it regards the Daryens.

Note that while the Imperium calls them "Darrians", they call themselves "Daryens".  As I am trying to do this from their perspective, it seemed more appropriate to use their name instead.  I also used the Daryen spelling for the three other worlds so changed in the Regency Sourcebook (Illium -> Yelim, Rorre -> Rore and Spume -> Zbume).

I had seen the Florian League mentioned several times, and they had always intrigued me because of their "two races within a race" concept.  They haven't been detailed all the much, but I still think they are interesting.

Behind the Claw Maps
After getting Behind the Claw, and being severely disappointed by their idea of interstellar maps, I have taken it on myself to make some CT versions of GT maps.  And the areas of the biggest changes are the independents.  So, here are some CT style  maps for Behind the Claw.

Dot Maps
While working on some other projects, I made a dot map of the Domain of Deneb to try and keep things straight. I now have dot maps of the entire domain for several time periods.

I have officially placed a Landgrab on four Darrian worlds. I had thought about doing more, but figure the ones already grabbed still need more detail before I can think about moving on. The main focus on all of these is the Classic Traveller period (with some GT wrinkles thrown in). Over time I hope to cover the 1248 era for these worlds, too.

I have also toyed with various ship designs.  I have only used High Guard and GURPS Traveller, but ships from both systems can be found in my Traveller Shipyard.

Finally, Traveller is all over the Web.  Please take a look at some of these sites on my Links page.  Also, be sure to check out the Citizens of the Imperium Discussion Board, Avenger Enterprises Forums, the Traveller section of the Mongoose Forum, and the Traveller section of the SJG Games Forum.

Here are some of my favorite utilities.  A couple of them are on my site, but I try to direcly link to the providers' download pages when possible.

This is a direct link to DED's Dice Roller. 

Atomic Rocket is a tremendous resource for a layman's application of science to science fiction.

I am completely amazed at how many webcomics there are out there.  And many are quite good.  All four below are science fiction based, and the first two definitely have that "Traveller" feel to them.  I definitely recommend these strips and would encourage anyone reading them to spend the day or two it will take to start from the beginning.  They are great.

Also, be sure to check each site's links and check out the webcomics they like. There is a lot of really good stuff out there.

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