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The Daryens are a subsector sized polity in the Traveller universe.  They overreached themselves, paid a terrible price, and eventually reached the stars again.  They are also interesting in that they are amazingly stable, effectively maintaining themselves for almost 1500 years with a single, stable government.

The Daryens have a very interesting and dynamic history despite their amazing stability.  They serve as a counterpoint to the totally chaotic history of the Sword Worlds.

After having investigated the Daryens quite a bit, there are several mysteries and "holes" that I have found.  Do with them as you will; they are intended to be grist for the mill in Daryen centered campaigns.

Subsector Maps
Included here is the information for the Daryen subsector (plus the Entropic worlds from the Querion subsector) of the Spinward Marches for several time periods.  These periods are:

[Map Note:  The published "big" map for the Spinward Marches has three errors in the Darrian sector.  Junction is given a B starport, Nonym is a white planet and 886-945 has no GG.  My maps fix these errors.  All maps originally taken from the Traveller Atlas.]

Also check out my Landgrab entries.  My claims are Mire, Jacent, Entrope and Zamine.

After a discussion on the Traveller section of the SJG Games forums, I decided to make a "corrected" map of the Darrian subsector in the GTU. I labeled this "Year 1123" to differentiate it from the above.

Daryen Bibliography

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