Daryen Subsector: Year 1120

This is the subsector as presented in GT:Behind the Claw.  This applies to the GURPS Traveller alternate history, but can work for late MegaTraveller period too, assuming the Daryens progressed similarly in the OTU and the GTU.  Given that, it can work in the OTU from 1120 up until just before The New Era.  While this is completely consistent with the GURPS Traveller timeline (with two minor exceptions*), it is still presented in the classic UWP format.

The Darrian Confederation gained significantly from the Fifth Frontier war.  Its main adversary, the Sword Worlds was decimated and ended up splitting into two separate polities (the Sword Worlds and the Border Worlds).  In addition to relieving the political pressures, the Darrian Confederation also regained undisputed control over the previously contested Entropic worlds.

Because of this new freedom, the Darrian Confederation has become more expansionistic, sometimes testing the otherwise excellent relationship with the Imperium.  This expansionism lead the Confederation to increase the pressure on Nonym to rejoin the Confederation, which they eventually did after a show of force with a Special Arm fleet.  Condaria's population voted to join the Confederation in 1114.  (See below * about Dorannia.)

Name Statistics Remarks
Junction 0122 D150441 4 Ni Po De
Uniqua 0129 E62556B 4 Ni O:0130
Garoo 0130 A2008CB A Na Va
Stern-Stern 0223 B321588 B Ni Po G
886-945 0230 D833164 4 Lo Ni Po O:0130 G
Nonym 0321 C233898 A M Po G
Laberv 0325 B354443 7 M Ni G
Ektron 0326 C332652 9 Na Ni Po A:1 G
Zamine 0421 E897977 A Hi In A:1 G
Engrange 0425 C554769 8 Ag O:0426 A:1 G
Yelim 0426 B444831 9 M G
Roget 0427 B566777 9 Ag Ri A:7
Kardin 0429 E453123 6 Lo Ni Po A
Bularia 0430 C774622 5 Ag
Rore 0526 D765657 3 Ag Ni Ri G
Mire 0527 A665A95 B M Hi Cap
Condaria 0528 E54779B 5 Ag G
Dorannia 0530 E42158A 8 Ni Po
Winston 0620 E887563 6 Ag Ni G
Terant 340 0622 D1405A7 9 Ni Po De G
Jacent 0624 A333644 D Na Ni Po
494-908 0625 X893000 0 Ba R
Daryen 0627 A463955 G Hi A:0 G
Entrope 0720 D336AAA C Hi
Torment 0721 X233231 4 Lo Ni Po Ex R
Trifuge 0723 C446556 9 Ag Ni
Nosea 0724 B2326BB C M Na Ni Po
Zbume 0727 C140200 A M Lo Ni Po De G
Ator 0729 D326238 6 Lo Ni G
Anselhome 0820 C110588 8 Ni G
Cunnonic 0822 E65767A 3 Ag Ni A:0 G
Debarre 0830 B854123 9 Lo Ni AG
This map is Copyright © 1977 - 2002, Far Future Enterprises All Rights Reserved. Licensed for individual use.

There are reports that the Darrian Confederation is working covertly on Uniqua to "liberate" it from Garoo, but there is no proof.  The Confederation attributes the reports to "typical Garooan paranoia".

Once the Fifth Frontier War was over, and the Sword World threat was effectively removed, the Imperium returned the naval base on Nosea back to the Confederation.

The majority of the population of Roget are the decendants of mercenary Aslan who, while fully part of the Darrian Confederation, wish to maintain their cultural identity.  The Aslan scattered elsewhere (Zamine, Engrange, Ektron, Cunnonic and Daryen) have mostly assimilated into Daryen culture.  This assimilation is to the point that native Aslan would consider them full "barbarians" and refuse to deal with them.  Interestingly, even though the Roget Aslan have gone to great lengths to maintain their culture, they have no problem dealing with any other Darrian Aslan, and are considered "other Aslan" by native Aslan as a result.

Mire, content with being the political epicenter of the Darrian Confederation, let their technological infrastructure lag the other primary shipbuilding planets.  Recently, they have started to correct that, and, as a result, will likely be recognized with their first technology level increase in almost a thousand years within the next decade.

Entrope is still trying to recover from the devistation wrought by the Sword Worlds.  The popular dictator, a war hero who lead the coup that brought Entrope back to the Darrian Confederation, is finishing the task of cleaning out Sword World sympathizers and beginning the long difficult task of reconstructing their economy and starport.  The recent reclassification of the starport is evidence that their hard work is slowly (some would say too slowly) paying off.

* The two exceptions are Dorannia and Zbume.

Dorannia is listed as being a part of the Confederation, but there is no other support for this in BtC, including in the Darrian Confederation description, the subsector description or even the planet's description.  Therefore, on this map, it is listed as unaligned.

Zbume was listed in CT, MT and even TNE as having a population of hundreds (pop 2).  For some inexplicable reason, BtC lists them as having a population of "under a hundred" (pop 1).  I have chosen to ignore this, and have left Zbume with a population level of 2.