Daryen Subsector: Year 1100

This is the subsector as presented in Supplement 3 and in the Deluxe Traveller four color map.  This works for any time after the Fourth Frontier War (1084) and before the Fifth Frontier War (1107).

The Fourth Frontier War was hard on the Darrian Confederation.  They lost the three Entropic planets to the Sword World yet again, and this time the Zhodani were not going to allow them to start a little war to get them back.  And while the Imperium continued to back the Darrian Confederation's claim on the planets, they were not willing to sanction the war needed to resolve the issue.

Name Statistics Remarks
Junction 0122 D150441 4 Ni Po De
Uniqua 0129 E62556B 4 Ni O:0130
Garoo 0130 A2008CB A Na Va
Stern-Stern 0223 B321588 B Ni Po G
886-945 0230 D833000 0 Ba G
Nonym 0321 C233898 A M Po G
Laberv 0325 B354443 7 M Ni G
Ektron 0326 C332652 9 Na Ni Po A:1 G
Zamine 0421 E897977 A Hi In A:0 G
Engrange 0425 C554769 8 Ag O:0426 A:1 G
Yelim 0426 B444831 9 M G
Roget 0427 B566777 9 Ag Ri A:7
Kardin 0429 E453123 6 Lo Ni Po
Bularia 0430 C774622 5 Ag
Rore 0526 D765657 3 Ag Ni Ri G
Mire 0527 A665A95 B M Hi Cap
Condaria 0528 E54779B 5 Ag G
Dorannia 0530 E42158A 8 Ni Po
Winston 0620 E887573 6 Ag Ni G
Terant 340 0622 D1405A7 9 Ni Po De G
Jacent 0624 A333644 D Na Ni Po
494-908 0625 X893000 0 Ba R
Daryen 0627 A463955 G Hi A:0 G
Entrope 0720 E336AAA C Hi
Torment 0721 X233231 4 Lo Ni Po Ex R
Trifuge 0723 C446556 9 Ag Ni
Nosea 0724 B2326BB C N Na Ni Po
Zbume 0727 C140200 A M Lo Ni Po De G
Ator 0729 D326258 6 Lo Ni G
Anselhome 0820 C110588 8 Ni G
Cunnonic 0822 E65767A 3 Ag Ni A:0 G
Debarre 0830 B854123 9 Lo Ni G
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Sensing the weakened state of the Confederation, Nonym and Condaria took the opportunity to secede.  Nonym had long desired to chart their own, independent course.  Condaria was just unhappy with their second-tier status within the Confederation.

The lone consolation prize allowed to the Confederation was the marginal planet Cunnonic they managed to wrest from the Sword Worlds.  As a hedge against losing Cunnonic, the Confederation has encouraged Darrian Aslan to migrate to the planet with land grants.

The military base on Nosea was turned over to the Imperium and turned into an Imperial naval base.  The stated reason for its existance is to help check any future Sword World aggression, but it is also likely to check any Darrian aggression as well.

The majority of the population of Roget are the decendants of mercenary Aslan who, while fully part of the Darrian Confederation, wish to maintain their cultural identity.