Daryen Subsector: Year 1000

This is the subsector in the timeperiod of D20 Traveller (T20).  This is a little after the end of the Third Frontier War.  As the main focus of T20 is the Gateway Quadrant (Ley, Gateway, Glimmerdrift and Crusis-Margin sectors), I doubt they will release anything on the Spinward Marches; at least not for quite a while.  The only piece of information on this time period are some sector dot-maps in the Spinward Marches Campaign showing the politcial disposition before and after each Frontier War.  While the focus was, of course, on the growth of the Zhodani and Imperium, the Daryens and Sword Worlds were also shown.  So, while the territory is canon, all world information is, as with the information in Year 0,  pure speculation.

The Darrian Confederation had a very good period from 788 to 1084 (this map is pretty much good for the entire period).  In 788 the Darrian Confederation launched a lightening quick war on the Sword Worlds to retake the Entropic worlds.  In 1084, as the Fourth Frontier War drew to a close, the Sword World Confederation attacked the Darrian Confederation and retook the Entropic worlds.  Between these two wars, the Darrian Confederation enjoyed a very stable environment.  They even managed to completely avoid any involvement in the Third Frontier War.

Name Statistics Remarks
Junction 0122 D150441 4 Ni Po De
Uniqua 0129 E62556B 4 Ni O:0130
Garoo 0130 A2008CB A Na Va
Stern-Stern 0223 B321588 B Ni Po G
886-945 0230 D833000 0 Ba G
Nonym 0321 C233898 A M Po G
Laberv 0325 B354443 7 M Ni G
Ektron 0326 C332652 9 Na Ni Po A:1 G
Zamine 0421 E897977 A Hi In A:0 G
Engrange 0425 C554769 8 Ag O:0426 A:1 G
Yelim 0426 B444831 9 M G
Roget 0427 B566777 9 Ag Ri A:7
Kardin 0429 E453123 6 Lo Ni Po
Bularia 0430 C774622 5 Ag
Rore 0526 D765657 3 Ag Ni Ri G
Mire 0527 A665A95 B M Hi Cap
Condaria 0528 E54779B 5 Ag G
Dorannia 0530 E42158A 8 Ni Po
Winston 0620 C887673 6 Ag Ni G
Terant 340 0622 D1405A7 9 Ni Po De G
Jacent 0624 A333644 C Na Ni Po
494-908 0625 X893000 0 Ba R
Daryen 0627 A463955 G Hi A:0 G
Entrope 0720 B336989 C Hi
Torment 0721 X233231 4 Lo Ni Po Ex R
Trifuge 0723 C446556 9 Ag Ni
Nosea 0724 B2326BB B M Na Ni Po
Zbume 0727 C140200 A M Lo Ni Po De G
Ator 0729 D326258 6 Lo Ni G
Anselhome 0820 C110588 8 Ni G
Cunnonic 0822 E65767A 3 Ag Ni G
Debarre 0830 B854123 9 Lo Ni G
This map is Copyright © 1977 - 2002, Far Future Enterprises All Rights Reserved. Licensed for individual use.

During the First and Second Frontier Wars the Darrian Confederation contracted with many Aslan ihatei groups for work as mercenaries.  In payment for these services, they were given land grants after the Second Frontier War.  About half of the Aslan wished to maintain their own culture and settled on the then sparcely populated world of Roget.  The other half chose to spread out and take land grants over several planets: Zamine, Engrange, Ektron and Daryen itself.

The existing human inhabitants of Roget were far from pleased by the deal, but the Confederation wouldn't change the deal and gave the inhabitants of Roget a choice: stay and live under Aslan rule or leave with a government sponsored Voucher.  While there were many who took the Confederation up on its offer and left, most just grumbled and decided to stay.  After a rocky start, most of the humans adjusted to Aslan rule and, while shut out of the governmental system, still live fairly well.

While external observers may view these 300 years as a "dormant" or "static" period for the Confederation, that was far from the case.  They were busy expanding their economic frontiers and increasing their technology.