Darrian Subsector: Year 1123

This is a "corrected" Darrian subsector. This is taken straight from GT:Behind the Claw (see below * for the exception), but I have taken the liberty to reduce things that "don't make sense". Obviously, what makes sense and doesn't make sense is a subjective matter, and I am sure there will be plenty for readers to take issue with. I have tried to keep the changes as simple as possible, but there are some pretty major ones in here. Again, like in the other subsector write ups, despite being based on the GTU and GURPS Traveller, the information is still presented in classic UWP format.

This version shows the Darrian Confederation to have been much more proactive in the affairs of its member worlds. While the worlds are still allowed to remain highly independent, the Confederation does not allow worlds to be so mismanaged that they hinder the Confederation as a whole. As such, one program the Confederation instituted very early on was one designed to keep all member worlds at a minimum interstellar level of technology. Obviously, there are exceptions for self-exclusion (e.g. Rorre), and more recent members can still lag (e.g. Cunnonic).

Another change was to correct obviously ridiculous things. Unless a world was bombed in the last five years or so, there is no way a hi-tech, high population world is going to have every starport on its surface consist of the equivalent of a slab of concrete and a mobile home. It may not have a shipyard, but it is going to have at least one decent quality starport, and likely have several of them. Also, the Darrian communication route (i.e. X-boat route) is extended to Entrope. (Technically Winston is not a stop, but it can't be drawn otherwise.)

Finally, a few other changes were made to make the astrography less egregious. Obviously, there are limits to our knowledge, and many wonderous things are possible, but I want to keep the ridiculous things under control. All dinky worlds with real atmospheres have their sizes increased to at least minimally support those atmospheres. All worlds with better than a trace atmosphere with a white dwarf have the dwarf upgraded to main sequence. The remaining white dwarf stars lose their classification. Some other stellar data was also slightly modified to let the nicer worlds actually be nice.

Name Statistics Remarks
Junction 0122 D450441 4 Ni Po De 210 Na M2V M3V
Uniqua 0129 E62556B 8 Ni O:0130 210 Ga K9V M9V
Garoo 0130 A2008CB A Na Va 210 Ga M1V D
Stern-Stern 0223 B421588 B Ni Po 701 Da M0V M3V
886-945 0230 D833164 9 Lo Ni Po O:0130 704 Ga F8V
Nonym 0321 C553898 A M Po 623 Da G0V
Laberv 0325 B554743 A M 734 Da F9V
Ektron 0326 C432652 A Na Ni Po A:1 423 Da M1V
Zamine 0421 C897977 A Hi In A:1 223 Da K0V
Engrange 0425 C654769 A Ag O:0426 A:1 701 Da M1V M3V
Illim 0426 B544831 A M 401 Da G3V M8V
Roget 0427 B666777 A Ag Ri A:7 420 Da K8V M9V
Kardin 0429 E553123 8 Lo Ni Po A410 Da F7V
Bularia 0430 C774622 5 Ag 310 Cs G5V M3V
Rorre 0526 D765657 3 Ag Ni Ri 103 Da F6V M7V
Mire 0527 A665A95 C M Hi Cap 110 Da K4V
Condaria 0528 E54779B 8 Ag 901 Da K3V M0V
Dorannia 0530 E42158A 8 Ni Po 510 Na K4V
Winston 0620 E436563 A Ag Ni 501 Da K5V M9V
Terant 340 0622 D4405A7 A Ni Po De 523 Da G0V M5V
Jacent 0624 A433744 D Na Ni Po 710 Da M0V
494-908 0625 X893000 0 Ba R010 Da M1V
Darrian 0627 A663955 G Hi A:0 225 Da G1V M1V
Entrope 0720 C887AAA C Hi 110 Da G6V M1V
Torment 0721 X433231 4 Lo Ni Po Ex R820 Da G1V
Trifuge 0723 C546556 A Ag Ni 210 Da M5II
Nosea 0724 B4326BB C M Na Ni Po 620 Da G0IV
Spume 0727 C440100 A M Lo Ni Po De 934 Da M2V
Ator 0729 D426238 6 Lo Ni 821 Na F7V M7V
Anselhome 0820 C110588 A Ni 601 Da M0V D
Cunnonic 0822 E65767A 9 Ag Ni A:0 502 Da K0V
Debarre 0830 B854123 9 Lo Ni A822 Cs M2V
This map is Copyright © 1977 - 2002, Far Future Enterprises All Rights Reserved. Licensed for individual use.

There are reports that the Darrian Confederation is working covertly on Uniqua to "liberate" it from Garoo, but there is no proof.  The Confederation attributes the reports to "typical Garooan paranoia".

Once the Fifth Frontier War was over, and the Sword World threat was effectively removed, the Imperium returned the naval base on Nosea back to the Confederation.

The majority of the population of Roget are the decendants of mercenary Aslan who, while fully part of the Darrian Confederation, wish to maintain their cultural identity.  The Aslan scattered elsewhere (Zamine, Engrange, Ektron, Cunnonic and Daryen) have mostly assimilated into Daryen culture.  This assimilation is to the point that native Aslan would consider them full "barbarians" and refuse to deal with them.  Interestingly, even though the Roget Aslan have gone to great lengths to maintain their culture, they have no problem dealing with any other Darrian Aslan, and are considered "other Aslan" by native Aslan as a result.

Mire, content with being the political epicenter of the Darrian Confederation, let their technological infrastructure lag the other primary shipbuilding planets.  Recently, they have started to correct that, and, as a result, have recently been recognized with their first technology level increase in almost a thousand years.

Entrope has recovered well from his mishandling by the Sword Worlds. The popular dictator, a war hero who lead the coup that brought Entrope back to the Darrian Confederation, has finished the task of cleaning out Sword World sympathizers and is well along the path to reconstructing their economy. The fully functional starport is evidence that the hard work is paying off. (Note that the worlds of Entrope and Winston were swapped. The stars, populations, and names stayed, but the physical worlds were swapped.)

The stupid crap on Laberv was stomped, and the population reflects a recovery that is going pretty well.

Zamine still has its civil unrest problems going on, but some of the non-malcontent worlds support reasonable starports.

* The exception is the inclusion of Kardin instead of Dorannia. It would appear, based on the two world descriptions, that the Darrian Confederation has annexed (or at least extended their protect to) Kardin. Nothing in the entire text of BtC gives any hint of Dorannia being a part of the Darrian Confederation. Therefore, Kardin is included, and Dorannia is not.