Traveller Links

Official Sites
Far Future Enterprises - The official Marc Miller site.Their official discussion board is Citizens of the Imperium.

Mongoose Publishing - The site for the current primary Traveller licensee. It includes the Traveller forum, and their Traveller products.

SJG Games Forums - The official Forums of Steve Jackson Games.

GURPS Traveller - The official GURPS Traveller site by Steve Jackson Games.

Traveller News Service - The news feed from the GURPS Traveller universe.

Player Sites
Downport, home of several Traveller related sites.

Freelance Traveller, an online Traveller fanzine.

Traveller in the DED Zone, a tremendous TNE resource. Used it as a reference for my Year 1200 page.

Traveller Library Data, an excellent, general on-line Library.

Traveller Map, a wonderful, interactive map of Traveller's Charted Space.

The Zhodani Base, a great CT resource, in addition to the neat info about the mind-ripping joes. The other big highlight of this site is that it has what can be considered to be the definitive version of the Foreven sector.

The Star Kingdom of Swan, which has two more Daryen Landgrabs, among lots of other interesting things.

Store Sites
Noble Knight, a great place to get out-of-print games. Plus his prices aren't usually too bad, either.

Traveller on eBay, love it or hate it, it still is the only place to get some items.

Resource Sites
Atomic Rocket, an incredible wealth of information for more realistic science fiction.

DED's Dice Roller, an online die rolling utility.

Comics Sites
Freefall, a three-times weekly comic that has a definite Traveller "feel" to it.

Schlock Mercenary, another comic with that Traveller "feel". This one is daily. This one is great!

A Miracle of Science, a twice-weekly comic, now finished.

Vexxarr, a three-times weekly comic that feels nothing like Traveller, but is pretty funny comic with spaceships, aliens, and robots.