GURPS Traveller Maps

The biggest disappointment I have about the GURPS treatment of Traveller is, oddly enough, the totally uniformative star maps.  They give you word position, name and travel zone.  What about gas giant presence?  Allegiance?  Water presence?  What about interstellar boundaries?

Well, since GT isn't going to do anything about that, I have taken it upon myself to create some subsector maps in the CT "black map" style with GT information in them.

Please note that I only did the maps.  You need BtC to see the world writeups.  (Or just use your usual CT/MT sources with the appropriate changes.)

The official GT Darrians are slightly different that on my main Daryen 1120 map, as this map faithfully represents the subsector exactly as described by BtC.  This subsector is slightly "stretched" to allow the Entropic Worlds to be shown on the single map.

BtC lists the Darrians as controlling Dorannia and shows a minor polity controlled by Garoo, so these are shown on this map.  Also, I use the "Imperial" names of the four planets, instead of the "Daryen" names.

Sword Worlds
The Sword Worlds sure took it in the teeth in GT.  Though not as bad as in TNE (where they were reduced to a paltry total of five planets), they still suffer greatly in GT.  It just isn't really apparent how bad their situation is until you see the political boundaries.  The Daryens are now bigger than they are, and the Imperium has flat out annexed several of the worlds (including all of the Metal Worlds).

Do note that Durendal is shown in the Border Worlds, as indicated by the errata, rather than the Sword Worlds, as listed in BtC itself.  Also note that Enos is part of the Sword Worlds, not the Imperium (unpublished errata).  This map is also "stretched" one hex coreward so that it can match up with the Darrian map.

[I had originally presented both the Darrian and Sword Worlds subsectors as a single map, but decided I wanted them broken up.  I am including this note in case anyone still wants the single, combined map.]

Federation of Arden
The Federation of Arden made out much better.  They now have a total nine worlds.  They even gained a full shipyard and military base (on Tremendous Dex).

While this map only covers a single subsector of space, it is a "slipped" subsector.  It covers the rimward half of Jewel and the corward half of Vilis.  (Though "slipped", it is not extended like the Darrian and Sword Worlds Maps.)

[These maps are based on originals found at the Traveller Atlas.]