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The Floriani are a minor human race who have a subsector sized polity in the Traveller universe.  They are unique in that they are actually two separate races that work in a symbiotic manner.

They are control about 40 worlds spread across the Trojan Reaches and Beyond sectors.  The Trojan Reaches have been detailed very few times, and the Beyond even fewer.  Since reliable Beyond data is impossible to find, the Floriani are treated here as if they completely reside within the Trojan Reaches and that they have no holdings in the Beyond sector.

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The Floriani are a human minor race notable for their dimorphism. The ruling group, the Barnai, are short and weak, while the workforce is comprised of Feskals, large, muscular, and unintelligent. Other minor details of anatomy also set them apart from the rest of humanity.

Although accusations of slavery or exploitation might be voiced in Imperial society, the relationship between Banai and Feskals is perfectly acceptable to both parties. High ethical standards, combined with the stoic Floriani demeanor, foster cooperation and solidarity in defiance of physical differences.

The Floriani are also noteworthy for their unusual path of technological development. Highly advanced in the realms of transportation and weaponry (TL 15), the Floriani are abnormally backward in the life sciences (only TL 9). They also have surprising holes in the technology.  While gravitic vehicles are common, there is almost no concept of wheeled vehicles.  They also seem to have a lack of understanding of the theories behind their technology.  They know how to build and repair their technology, but they have no real idea of why they work.  All Floriani instinctively shy away from true research. Even creativity in the arts is a rarity.  As a result, all true research is done by non-Floriani in the League, primarily at Trossachs.

The Floriani expansion began in -170, when Barnai technicians managed to duplicate a jump drive, found in a wrecked Aslan ship. Contact with the Imperium followed in 185. In 430, human settlers from the Imperium were encountered, and contacts established.  The Florian League itself was formed in 506, eventually reaching its current size in 1054. The League is governed by a hierarchy of councils, where councilors are chosen from among the Barnai populace by lottery.

Subsector Map
Included here is the information for the parts of three subsectors that the Florian League occupies.  They originally occupied a small portion of the Menorial and Nora'a subsectors, and the majority of the Yggdrasil subsector.  After the Aslan wars, the Florian League was reduced to the portion of Menorial and the majority of Yggdrasil.  All of their territory in the Nora'a subsector was lost to the Aslan, including the critical world of Vadada.

[Map Note:  All maps originally taken from the Traveller Atlas.]

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