Florian League: Year 1117

This is the map of the Florian league in the Rebellion era.  This map presents their situation after the Rebellion and the following Aslan invasion.  After successfully halting their losses to the Aslan, the Florian League was again stable, so this map should work for any time from 1117 and onward.  While it is usable in GT, it is still presented in the classic UWP format.

Name Statistics Remarks
Bilke 0110 D987341 9 Ni Lo G
Daruf 0116 D340308 2 Ni Po De Lo Pr RG
Bolsush 0119 D485741 9 Ag Ri
Vip 0210 A121644 D M Na Ni Po G
Floria 0213 A467942 F M Hi Cp An G
Vorn 0218 B611640 9 M Ic Na Ni G
Trossachs 0310 B897A44 C In Hi G
Insec 0317 A121542 F M Ni Po G
Fissolon 0318 E69A742 9 Wa D:2 G
Kabal 0319 B387147 B M Ni Lo G
Tibolt 0415 C575744 9 Ag
Lucind 0416 B860642 9 De Ni Ri G
Picard 0417 D679646 9 Ni G
Tefsi 0418 BA94449 B M Ni R
Halka 0510 B865544 A M Ag Ni G
Garnl 0516 E884940 9 Hi G
Boronu 0614 B966741 A Ag Ri G
Ilnest 0616 B686347 9 M Ni Lo G
Zimt 0713 C147546 9 Ag Ni G
Forandin 0716 BA89646 9 M Ri Ni G
Odin 0811 B20149B 8 Ni Ic Va G
Thor 0813 D669577 5 Ni G
Yggdrasil 0815 B3507CD 8 Po De
This map is Copyright © 1977 - 2003, Far Future Enterprises All Rights Reserved. Licensed for individual use.

While the Florian League historically had good relations with the Aslan Hierate, things went in the toilet after the League was invaded by the Aslan in 1117.  The Aslan succeeded in wresting several worlds from the Floriani, the most important of which was Vadada, a high population, high tech world with some Ancient technology.  Fortunately for the Floriani, once Vadada was taken and the Floriani defense stiffened, the Aslan were stopped, and now seem content with their gains.

Floria is both the capital of the Florian League, and the homeworld of the Floriani.  With the loss of Vadada, Floria is now the major producer of starships, and is barely able to keep up with the demand.

Daruf is a prison world.  All offenders that are deemed unremitant are dumped here, along with their families, and left to fend for themselves.

Insec is the headquarters for the Florian Navy, and also serves as the Navy's prime shipyards.

Trossachs is populated by the descendants of Vilani settlers fleeing the collapse of the First Imperium.  With the loss of Vadada, it is now the major industrial center of the Florian League.  Because of this, the League is actively trying to improve its tech level, but it is proving to be very difficult due to the conservative natures of the Floriani and Vilani.

Halka is the home of another minor human race, the Halkans.  They had long been in outright slavery, but the League eventually took steps to irradicate the slave trade and is still attempting to integrate the Halkans into League society.

Yggdrasil is an Imperial client state.  It is used by the Imperium as a trading post with the Florian League.