What's New

Removed the Romulan KLR from the shipyard page, as it was done in CL a while back.
Also added variants for the Fed OPF and GPF.

Added the Fed OPF, GPF, and the Klingon E4-A and F5-A to the shipyard page.

Updated several links on the main page and links page.

Added the Fed NCX back into the shipyard.

Added the Fed YCT and the Romulan YVU, YWB, and YCO to the Early Years shipyard.

Updated the Fed YZC and Kzinti YCA on the Early Years shipyard to reflect the unofficial errata the reduces the number of batteries and transporters on the Kzinti YCS by one each.

[Wow. Haven't done anything in a long, long time!]
Added the YK2R and YK4B to the Early Years shipyard. Also updated the YK4R and fixed the YK3R SSD from the same page.

Added reference to Module Y3 on the main page and Early Years page.

Deleted a few ships from the Early Years shipyard in anticipation of the eventual release of Module Y3.

Went and created some W-era Vudar ships and added them to the Early Years shipyard. Now the Klingons have someone to conquer during the Early Years ...

A cool thing about the new idea for the Kestrel ships is that it lets me make variants, too. So, the YKRC, YKRE, YKRG, YK4G, and YKRT have been added to the Early Years shipyard.

Updated the ship descriptions of the early Kestrel ship in the Early Years shipyard, again. The previous idea would require changing the ships, and I didn't want that. So, I changed the pseudo-history to work better with the ships.

Richard Eitzen started a discussion on the Legacy ADB BBS that got me thinking more about my Klingon E1. I had always figured the E1 would be a Y-era ship, and there would be no W-era ship. However, he made some good points that got me thinking, so I have updated my E1. Now, my old E1 is the E2, and the new E1 is a W-era ship that uses drones instead of disruptors. Found in the Early Years shipyard.

Updated the ship descriptions of the early Kestrel ship in the Early Years shipyard.
Added two new ships to the Early Years shipyard: The small and large troop freighters.
Updated the Early Years Master Ship Chart to reflect all of the recent changes.

Added several new ships to the Early Years shipyard: Hydran hellgun ships, Paravian heavy destroyer, Lyran experimental cruiser, and Lyran heavy survey pod.

Hey! I'm on a roll!
Added several ships to the Early Years shipyard: The standard armed freighter, the military armed freighter, the exploration freighter, and the Federation YFD.

Added the Hydran Early Ranger and Early Lancer to the Early Years shipyard.
Did a global replace of "race" with "empire" to match the new ADB standard.

Deleted the Early Base Station from the Early Years shipyard because it was too anachronistic.
Updated the Klingon F4D in the Early Years shipyard to improve the drone racks somewhat, and give it a more standard design.
Updated nearly every single ship with refits in the shipyard. I changed from using actual shading to using patterns in the boxes. The shading became annoying to me.

Updated the text for the Heavy Fighter Gorns in the shipyard.
Updated the text for the Escort Carriers, and added the Klingon C8SE.

Added notes to the Early Years shipyard page to note what Tholian ships are available in what year of the Early Years.

Deleted the Federation BCH from the shipyard page as it is published as the BCP in CL 38.
Updated the Early Years page to reflect the release of Module Y2.
Added several ships to the Early Years shipyard page, including the Klingon E1 and F4D, Kzinti YCA and YFT, WYN YAx, and the ISC YCP.

Minor reorganization of the main page.

Completely redid the Hellbore Hydran section of the shipyard page. The original versions were way too over the top. These versions are pretty much just fusion->phaser and fighter->nothing. None get extra power, other than the HDN which adds hellbores.

Updated the main page with headers and a reference to Federation Commander.
Added the Romulan KLR Fast Dreadnought to the shipyard page.
Added the Romulan K9P PF Dreadnought to the shipyard page.

Created the Barbarian page.

Added the HLCC to the Hydran section of the shipyard page.
Fixed the HMCC in the same section.

Reorganized the shipyard page a little to make it (hopefully) easier to navigate.
Reorganized the Early Years shipyard page in the same way.
Added teasers for my first Flivver ships: a PF and their Tender.

Minor fixes to the Federation DNV, NVS, and NAR in the shipyard.

Some minor cleanup on some ships in the shipyard.

Added photon-armed auxiliary cruisers to the shipyard page.
Added the Tholian DN to the shipyard page.

Rearranged the Federation section of the shipyard page to segregate the "Alternative" base ships into their own section.
Added the Alternative Dreadnought, and updated the Alternative Destroyer and Alternative Frigate to that section.
Added the Federation Captured Sparrowhawks.

Added the Romulan K5R-C and K1 to the shipyard page.
Updated the K5R-B heavy plasma frigate.

Added the Federation DNV to the shipyard page.

Added the Destroyer and Frigate Leaders to the hellbore-only Hydran ships on the shipyard page.

Added some hellbore-only Hydran ships to the shipyard page.

Accidentally found an archive of John Kim's old site. That allowed me to expand the Fed NCB entry in the shipyard to include his description.

Minor link cleanup to remove references to John Kim's defunct page.
Updated and shortened the intro on the Early Years page.

Updated the Federation Medium Cruiser on the shipyard page.
Added the Federation Medium Carrier to the shipyard page.
Added the alternate Federation New Strike Cruiser to the shipyard page.
Added the Kzinti Purchased Federation New Light Cruiser to the shipyard page.

Added my first Lyran ship to the shipyard page: the gunfighter DW.
Added the Gorn gunfighter BDD to the shipyard page.
Added the Federation Battle Freighter to the shipyard page.

Removed the Romulan KYR from the shipyard page as the same basic ship was published in R8.
Added the Romulan K6R Early Dreadnought to the shipyard page.

Add ships back to the Escort Carriers page.  I need to add some more sometime.

Added the SSD for the Tholian SCS on the shipyard page.

I guess I will have to resign myself to occational updates.
Added a Federation Captured Romulan War Eagle to the shipyard page.
Added a Romulan Captured Federation New Light Cruiser to the shipyard page.
Added a Federation Purchased Knight to the shipyard page.

Added a Hydran Armed Tug to the shipyard page.
Added the Orion Super Salvage Cruiser, Super PF Tender and Super Salvage Carrier to the shipyard page.

Wow!  I really hae been neglecting things way too long.
Added a Federation Captured Early Kzinti Cruiser and Frigate to the Early Years Shipyard.

Added the Orion Strike Cruiser to the shipyard page.

Added the Federation Advanced Light Cruiser to the shipyard page.
Added a single-engine variant of the Federation Advanced Destroyer to the shipyard page.

Added the K9S Romulan Space Control Ship to the shipyard page.
Added a captured Klingon F5 and Federation FF to the shipyard page.
Updated my Master Ship Chart to include the recent changes.

Took away my Captured Klingon D7 and Federation CA, as the "correct" versions were published in CL23.
Instead, added a Klingon captured CL and NCL, and a Federation captured D6 (Destruction) and D5 on the shipyard page.
Collect the Escort Carriers onto their own page.

My website went away for some reason over the weekend.  I don't have the story yet, but I am back up.

Added the Early Skiff and Early Free Trader to the Early Years Shipyard.

Removed the Civilian Base Station and Unarmed Freighters from the Early Years Shipyard.

Added the Gorn HVE and DNV to the shipyard page.
Also added a "Heavy Carrier" Gorn alternative.

Did some minor clean up on some typos.
Removed some of my Escort Carriers for SSJ submission.

Added an "SSD Toolkit" page with some words and phrases to use making your own SSDs.

Added a couple more ships to the Early Years Shipyard:  Civilian Base Station and Gorn YDN.

Crud.  Another six months to the next update.  Guess I am not doing any better.
Added some new ships to the Early Years Shipyard.  (Federation YCS, Klingon J-ships, Unarmed Freighters.)

Wow!  Its been over half of a year between updates.  I will try to do a little better, though I do want to make sure none of my ideas are publishable before I put it up.
Changed the location of my webpage.  I have also changed the directory structure to reflect the cutback of the Early Years material.  If there are any broken links, please email me.
Add a couple of ships back to the Early Years page, including my rejected StarDrive Romulan submission.

Severely truncated the Early Years page.  With the impending release of Module Y1: The Early Years, I have basically removed all of my EY material.  As I determine the status of stuff I have that does not have published analogs, I will start putting some things back up.

Revamped the Early Years page.  Tried to clearly mark which ships can be considered official playtest and which can not.

Added a full 12-fighter CA-carrier for the Kzinti to my shipyard page.
Finally updated my Master Ship Chart to reflect the various ships I have added recently.

Added some more "escort carriers" to my shipyard page:  Klingon D7VE; Kzinti CVLE and MCVE.
Have not yet updated the master ship chart for the new ships I have added.

Added links to the Early Years sublight Romulans ships on Andy Palmer's page.  (Why make my own when I can just link? :-) )

Added a pair of Klingon versions of my Escort Carriers:  the D5VE and F5VE.

Added some new Federation ships to my shipyard page:  CS, DD-A, CVAE, CVSE, NVE, DVE, FVE.

Updated all of my Federation ships on the shipyard page.  I added the little notes usually found on official SSDs.  I never imagined how much of a pain in the rear it would be.  It is amazing how easy it can be to just miss a little detail (like that stupid Y175 refit for +0 BPV).

Added several new ships to my shipyard page:  Federation Armed Tug (and the derivative Armed Battle Tug Light), Gorn PF Dreadnought, Gorn PF Heavy Battlecruiser and Gorn Armed Tug.
Modified the boxes on the the Federation CM SSD a little, just to mix things up a bit.  (The ship is unchanged.)

Added the Vulture information for the Early Years Romulans (including both the standard and early warp versions).
Modified the Early Years MSC to split the Romulans into standard Romulans and Early Warp Romulans.
Updated the Starbase weapons chart for the Early Years sublight Romulan Starbase and Base Station in the Early Years General section.

Since I am joining the official SFB Webring, I thought I would try to upgrade the color scheme a little and add some of Ted's artwork.  Hope it works.
Also updated my shipyard MSC to include the recently added ships.

Wow.  That's a long time with no changes.  And these changes are just cleanup.
The Fed FF-A in the shipyard wouldn't display.  I had to recreate it, but it should now display.
The Paravian YFF had a bad link.  It is now corrected.
Added the proposed rules for the EY Romulan Masking Device.

Modified the Federation CM in the shipyard to include two more hulls to help its differentiation from the DD.
Added the Federation Escort Carriers to the shipyard.  These ships have been thoroughly rejected by ADB.

Added the Federation NCS back to my shipyard.  I plan on modifying it for my Photon Federation page, but since someone else actually made the base ship, I wanted to include it unmodified with the credit.
Added the Federation BCH to my shipyard.  I still don't understand why this version of the BC was never made.

Added the Photon Federation page.  This is my view of what the Federation would look like if they had never adopted drones.  I will continue to flesh this out over time.  I will also gradually put up SSDs for the various new ships.
Added the Federation CVM to my shipyard since it has now been officially rejected by ADB.

Modified my alternative Kestrel ships a bit and give them in two different versions.
Changed the alternative Federation CL.  I made it move 2/3 instead of the 3/4 and adjusted the engines appropriately.
Included a teaser for a new view of the Federation I hope to put up soon.

Haven't made changes in quite a while.  I decided to use the release CL18 to update my Early Years stuff.  I removed the four SSDs (Fed YFF; Klingon C4, F4; Orion DR) that duplicate ships published in CL18.
Redid the Early Years Klingons.  They now just have drones with no refit.
Added a reference to the Paravian YDD.

Made some general updates.
Made a modification to the A-18 to prepare it for proposal.

Based on discussion on the Official ADB BBS, I have added an Early Years Lyran YCL as an alternative to the YDD.
Updated the Early Years Master Ship Chart.

Updated all of my ADB links to reflect their new site.
Fixed the copyright notes on the Early Years Hydran CML, BRG and LV.

I have removed the Fed NVE as I plan on trying to submit it.

Added an alternate KDR to the Shipyard.
Fixed the Fed NSC and NCD (removed the photon chart).
Fixed the Fed NAR (reduced the drones from two to one).

I have done a revamping of my website organization.  As a result, some of the links may fail.  If so please email me.

Added plasma-R variants of the K7R-A and KR-A to the Shipyard.
Added a link for the SFB channel on the Dalnet IRC server.
Updated my Master Ship Chart.
Modfied the D3 one more time to reduce its disruptors range and rearranged the rear hull.  This should be the last change.

Modified the D3 as it had too much power.
I modified the description of the Early Years Federation Police Cutter.  (The ship is unchanged.)

Completely changed the Early Years Orion DR.  I figure that the EY Orion ships would look nothing like the modern ships, so I changed it around.

Added the D3 to the Early Years Klingon page.

Also added variants of the K7R and K9R to the Shipyard page.  Again, the plasmas are moved forward to the boom.

Added rules for EY lasers and updated the Romulan page to reflect the additions.

Added variants of the Romulan KR and K5R to the Shipyard page.  I moved the plasmas to the boom, and moved the phasers back.  These variants were inspired by the ships in the movies.

Updated all of my links to the official playtest site (they changed their links).
Added a link from the Early Years Federation page to the PHD Early Years national fleet page.

Modified the Paravian YFF.  I reduced the number of torpedoes from two to one to match the configuration of the other seeking weapon frigates.  Apparently only the Feds, Klingons and Lyrans used the "fleet frigate" concept.
Modified the Early Years Romulan ships to reflect that they apparently did not have cloak during the Early Years period.  A note is so added, and the cloak information has been removed from the SSDs.
Also added a missing pseudo-torp to the YK4R.

Modified the BPV of the Early Years Klingon D4 series.  I messed up in not reducing the BPV when I took out the drones.  Now all three D4 based ships are 4 BPV cheaper until you put the drones back on.
Minor fix to the Early Years Large Freighter (added the "RA" arc to the P-3).
Minor fix to the Federation NCD (added the minimum crew asterisk).

After actually finding my CL#3, I have updated the Doomslayer on the Shipyard page to remove the ADDs, as these were removed to add the photons.  Also, I adjusted the crew, BP and shuttle racks to correct levels.

Added a Master Ship Chart for my Shipyard ships.
Also made minor updates to the following ships:  F-AL, NMS, NCD, NAR, NSC, LAT, CM, D7F, CPF and the Doomslayer.

Fixed the cloak cost on the Early Years Romulan YK4R.

Updated the Early Years Federation police cutter.  (There was too much firing arc information.)
Updated the Federation NAR in the Shipyard page based on a suggestion made by Chad Calder.

Added the Early Years Federation police cutter.

Modified the Early Years Kzinti dreadnought.  Removed the disruptors (and a couple transporters and batteries).
Modified the Early Years Gorn dreadnought.  Removed the rear saucer.  Both YDNs were just too big compared to their competition.
Removed the Early Years Gorn YCA and YCCH.  They were too close to their "modern" counterparts.

Modified the Early Years Federation frigate.  I originally gave it the same hull count as the modern frigate;  I have now reduced the number of hull boxes to bring it more in line with the other EY "conversions".
Changed the name of the Early Years Klingon Dreadnought from C6 to C4.

Modified the Rules, Problems and Kzinti pages to point to the new Early Years drones playtest rules.

Added a Kzinti Early Command Cruiser and changed up their descriptions page some.
Minor improvements to the main Early Years Ships page.

Added the Orion CPF to the Shipyard page.

Added the Klingon conversion of the Federation CA to my Shipyard page.  (Since I have it the other way around, it only seemed fair.)

Deleted the Star Drive Romulan section.  The submission has been rejected, so I am deleting the section.  (There were too many problems in my explanation, and I couldn't fill the holes adequately.  It was justifiably shot down.)

This time I expanded the conjectural Warp Romulan description.  I have worked on the ships some so that they can hopefully be more balanced with other EarlyYears ships.

Again expanded the Star Drive Romulan description.
Added the Romulan YK4R early frigate.

Updated the Early Years Romulan page to expand the Star Drive scenario.
Updated the Early Years Tholian page to more accurately deliniate when they use EY rules and when they do not.

Updated the Early Years pages to point to the four new Early Years ships published by ADB (Fed YCL, Gorn YDD, Kzinti YCL and Lyran YFF).

Revamped all of the Early Years SSDs.  I now have a Master Ship Chart which includes all Early Years ships on this page.  I have now given all ships a BPV value (except for the Romulans), and I have changed the ship reference numbers.  All ships which have officially been referred to have a small number (currently less than 10);  all ships I have created from my ideas have a number greater than 100.  (E.g. the Federation YCL is R2.3;  the Federation YDD is R2.102.)
My Early Years page has now gone past 1000 hits since 2/1/98!