SSD Toolkit Page

I have received several queries about making SSDs, and have also seen discussions of this on the official discussion boards.

I use a PC.  The program I use is Paint Shop Pro (specifically version 5), but I have seen others state that they get by just find with MS Paint.  The key idea here is that a simple paint progam is what is required.  A more complex package is probably unnecessary.

The fonts used are Mac-specific.  (I forget the exact name.  It is irrelevant if you use a PC, anyway.)  Most people who use PCs, just give up and use a comparable PC font.  I was stubborn, however, and realized that all of the letters are present.  So, using the individual letters, I made up the words I needed.  I also shamelessly stole whatever phrases and words I could.  At this point I have a pretty extensive collection of both "title" letters and of phrases.

For the SSDs themselves, I tend to crib from sheets I already have, so I have to make less later.  I am not above recreating a base ship I can never post (e.g. D7) so that I can then make the variants I want to use or post (e.g. KR-A, Doomslayer in my shipyard).

The purpose of this page is to make these SSD pieces available so that you don't have to make them.  Please feel free to use what you need.  Also, please feel free to crib from my SSDs as you need.  I cribbed from several people myself (most notably John Kim and his many contributors).

Title Letters

(These links each point to a GIF file.  Just save the file to your disk, open your paint program and start cutting and pasting!)