SFB Chat on IRC

There is a SFB chat channel set up by Robert Hahn available for use by all internet users.  It is located on the DALnet IRC service and can accessed for free at any time.  For more information on the DALnet and how to use IRC chat, please visit their homepage at:


There you will find valuable IRC information as well as a Java applet for IRC chat and links to download IRC software for most Operating systems and computers.  The DALnet allows for regristration of nicknames and channels (rooms) allowing more control than most IRC servers do.  Currently, the SFB chat channel has operater present from 7:30PM central time on Friday nights.  Operaters do not need to be present for people to use this channel, it is available 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

The room is called #sfb, for people with dedicated software (such as MS Chat) who do not know how to log on to the DALnet, a good server to try is:


the channel name is : #sfb

If anyone has questions please contact Robert Hahn at rah@corporateproperties.com and he will do his best to try to answer them.