History of Jacent
[Prehistory: Jacent was terraformed by the Ancients, but, over the course of the intervening centuries, has decayed to its current condition.  In another several millennia, if nothing is done, the atmosphere will be completely gone.

Jacent was founded in the early days of the pre-Maghiz Confederation.  It was a very interesting planet in that while it had a very thin atmosphere, it was still breathable for short periods without a respirator because of its unusually high oxygen content.  It was also much colder than Daryens prefer, but was well within the range of habitibility.  The population of Jacent would probably be much larger, if it were not so cold.

One of the big advantages of the planet was that there is no hostile life forms.  Only plants appear on land, and while animal life occurs in the small ocean, nothing is much bigger than a terran lobster.  The people of Jacent do not take as much advantage of the ocean as they could, instead focusing their efforts on land.  As a result, there has been noticable importing of planet species more useful for food, and significant cultivation around the cities.

When the Maghiz occurred, Jacent was able to survive, and even thrive.  When they were recontacted by Mire, they had regained tech level 8, and were themselves attempting to salvage their centuries old ships.  They were the only planet recontacted by Mire, other than Entrope, that actually had a working starport, which had been rebuilt in support of the recovery effort.

After the recovery, Jacent focused on regaining their lost technology and, as a result, have the highest tech level of any planet in the Confederation, outside Daryen itself.  They also continued to focus on their starport, and are now the second biggest starship producer in the Confederation (again, only behind Daryen itself), despite their (comparatively) small population base.  Using the advantage of their higher technology, they specialize in high-end commercial ships, though they will build just about anything.