History of Daryen
Daryen is the homeworld of the Daryens.  The proto-Daryens were taken to Daryen by an Ancient (who is personified in the Daryen mythology by the god Onsorik).

Originally they were situated in Edenic Orchards that provided them food and shelter with no effort on their part.  These Orchards camouflaged the Daryens from the Ancients' war.  They remained in these Orchards until they failed.  Once the Orchards failed, they finally expanded out.  Each group grew and developed and, over time, eventually met the other groups.  By -1511, they had progressed to TL 3, with theoretical research reaching as high as TL 8 or 9.

In -1511 a group of Solomani fleeing the Long Night made contact with the Daryens.  Even though they could have easily come as conquerers, the Solomani attempted to come as equals.  Their goal was to integrate in with the Daryens and they succeeded admirably.  By -1400, the combination of the Solomani and Daryens had reached TL 10, which allowed them to expand into space.  Over the next five centuries they quickly progressed from TL 10 to the doorsteps of TL 17.

Unfortunately, this rapid accent culminated in the sudden destruction of the Maghiz.  A research project involving Daryen's sun triggered a devistating solar flare.  The flare decimated Daryen, then proceeded out causing tremendous damage to their colonies.  Limited contact was maintained after the Maghiz, but as all of the infrastructure necessary to support an interstellar civilization was based on Daryen, and now destroyed, even that contact was lost after a very few decades.

The first planet to regain the stars was not Daryen, but instead the colony world of Mire.  By the time Daryen reintegrated into the new Daryen Group, Mire was firmly established as the political leader.  This left Daryen in the role of a powerless revered mother world.

Despite not regaining political leadership, Daryen did gain technological leadership, which it continues to hold.  It has the highest technology in the Confederation and, despite its listing as TL 16, should more appropriately be listed as TL 14.  While there are still many technological secrets waiting for rediscovery, most have been already found, and Daryen continues to lead the chase for the rest.