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My favorite board game of all time is still Star Fleet Battles.  During the period between 1983 and 1989 I was heavily involved with SFB, to where I briefly served as an associate to the Committee.  I eventually had to drop the game, because of the other demands of my life.  During that time I continued to infrequently check on SFB, trying to at least keep a little in contact with my favorite game.

I am now back involved with Star Fleet Battles, and with its younger sibling Federation Commander.

Federation Commander

Another exciting board game based on the Star Fleet Universe is available. This game is called Federation Commander. For anyone who wanted to play Star Fleet Battles, but was put off by the multi-inch thick rule book, this is the game for you. For anyone who plays Star Fleet Battles, but wish for something more streamlined and quicker to play, this is the game for you. For anyone who wants to play large fleet battles, but not have to invest two consecutive all-nighters to do so, this is the game for you.

At this point, the empires covered in detail are all of the main ones, plus several minor ones: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Kzinti, Gorn, Tholian, Orion, Hydran, Lyran, Seltorian, WYN, ISC, Vudar, and Andromedans. And all of these are covered in around 100 pages of rules! Add in modern production values (full color counters, mounted map boards, color coded laminated ship cards), and you have a winner of a game for the Star Fleet Universe.

Come on down and talk with other Federation Commander enthusiasts at the Federation Commander Forums.

Early Years

After finding my SFB stack, hidden back in the attic, I wondered whatever happened to the one product I was still really looking forward to:  Module Y.  After discouragingly finding out, I decided to put out an unofficial Module Y based on everything that has been published so far, and then extending it a little to fill in some gaps.  Then, ADB revived and decided that their major release for Origins 2000 would be Module Y1: The Early Years.  And I was even able to, fortunately, contribute some. Eight years later, we saw the release of Module Y2: The Early Years II! Shortly after that came Module Y3: The Early Years III! So now we have a three large tomes as our view into the Early Years!

The Early Years page had been the center piece of my site, but with the release of Module Y1 it became a much smaller adjunct to the product, and my site as a whole. It has grown back some, but it will never be as large as it was in the beginning, because I don't want to hurt the three printed modules, nor do I want to reduce the chances of seeing another module eventually.


The shipyard includes other ships from the General War period that never got published.  While I did get to contribute a lot of input on some ships and refits, and actually got the credits on two of them (the Federation NVS and NAC), many of my suggestions were, of course, rejected.  In addition, other ideas occur to me over time and, if they are rejected, I add them, too. Please take a look at my Shipyard.  Also, since I have received several requests on how I make my SSDs, I now have an SSD Toolkit page.

Tournament Ships

For those interested, be sure to check on the current versions of the official Tournament ships.


Finally, SFB is all over the Web.  Please take a look at some of these sites on my Links page.  There are also multiple online communities. The official Discussion Board covers all things SFU. There is a separate site for Federation Commander.

3D Artwork Copyright 1999 by Ted W. Geibel. Used with permission.

Please send any comments to me at mjwest @  I will try to include any suggestions I like.

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