History of Yelim
Yelim was founded late in the pre-Maghiz Confederation after the planet had been extensively terraformed.  A result of this terraforming was that the entire surface ecosystem was remade by the bacteria and plant reseeding.  Another result was the sulfuric tainting of the atmosphere, which requires the use of filter-mask for any extended time outside.

After the Maghiz, the technological level dropped to 4, as that is all they could maintain themselves.  However, as the colony was able to be self-sufficient at this level, they were able to survive, and even thrive.  By the time they were recontacted by Mire, they had achieved a tech level of 8, though they had not made any attempts to reach space themselves.

Since their major efforts had always been agricultural, they never made much technological progress.  They did progress to tech level 9, to support their starport and interstellar trading, but have faild to progress beyond that for centuries.

In an attempt to help develop their technology, the Confederation has place a major naval base on Yelim.  This has resulted in a large influx of people, raising their population level, and resulting in an increase in industrialization and a de-emphasis of agriculture.

Because of its agricultural heritage, and because the planet is so hot, the population is widely spread out.  Because of this, and because of the insular nature of the ruling oligarchy, the planetary government is very detached from the actual populace.  The result is a law level that is surprisingly low for its population.  This is not true in the three major cities, which have a much higher effective law level.

The major cities are domed, which allows outside activity while in the city's dome.  In all other cities, the individual buildings maintain their own filtering equipment, and outside activity requires a filter-mask.