Leviathan-class Merchant Cruiser

High Guard

Adventure #4 for gives the following description for the Leviathan class Merchant Cruiser:

MC-A4344G2-200000-60004-0 MCr 1229.46 1800 tons
One battery each. Crew=56. TL=13.
Passengers=0. Low=6. Cargo=70. Fuel=612. EP=72. Agility=2. Air/Raft=1.
One 95-ton shuttle. One 40-ton pinnace. Two 20-ton lifeboats. Six extra hardpoints.
Backup maneuver 2G. Backup jump-2. Backup Model/5. Scoops and purification.

I have condensed the information given in Adv#4. The above is correct, but not an exact quote.

Of course, when trying to build this using HGS, the numbers don't work (surprise!). I do get amazingly close, however. It ends up looking like this:

MC-A4344G2-200000-60004-0 MCr 1452 1800 tons
One battery each. Crew=31. TL=13.
Cargo: 69.3. Fuel: 612. EP: 72. Agility: 2
Craft: 1x 95-ton Shuttle, 1x 40-ton Pinnace, 2x 20-ton Lifeboat, 1x 4-ton Air/Raft.
Backups: 1x 2G Maneuver Drive, 1x Jump 2 Drive, 1x Model/5 Computer.

Actually, this is probably the most workable HGS rebuild I have ever seen in Traveller! I was even able to keep the armor, the backup drives, and all the small craft, but only miss the cargo by less than a ton.

Do note that this design is sub-optimal. It really doesn't need all those small craft. The backup drives seem kinda silly next to the complete lack of a backup powerplant. And, it has eight unused hardpoints (not six), and all the turrets are dual instead of triple.

The rebuilt was created using Andrew moffatt-Vallance's High Guard Shipyard v1.13.

GURPS Traveller Starships

Here is a version using for GURPS Traveller Starships. This is as faithful a translation as I can come up with, given the limitations of the GURPS Starships system.

1,800-ton Leviathan-class Merchant Cruiser, Marcucci (TL10)

Crew: 15 Command and Control, 5 Jump Drive, 11 Maneuver Drive, 2 Medical, 3 Turret Gunners, 12 Flight Crew. Total Crew 47.

Design: 1,800-ton USL Hull, DR 500, 2 USL Turret (1 dton available; DR 250) with two 250 Mj Std Laser, 4 USL Turret (1 dton available; DR 250) with two 250 Mj Std Laser, 4 Hull Mount (1 dton available) with two 250mm Missile Rack [77], two SIM-10 Turret Load [x77].

Modules: Command Bridge (Hardened), Basic Bridge, Aux Control Station (Hardened), Engineering, 72 Jump Drive, 54 Jump Drive, 495 Maneuver Drive (19,800 stons thrust), 219 Maneuver Drive (8,760 stons thrust), 540 Jump Fuel (Fire 13), 4 Fuel Processor, 4 Utility, 33 Stateroom, Sickbay, Emergency Aid Station, 2 Low Berth (8 Cryoberths), Logistics, Damage Control Locker (10,000 HP), 2 Galley, Hall/Conference Room, 70 Hold, 100 Vehicle Bay (100-ton Shuttle), 40 Vehicle Bay (40-ton Pinnace), 10 Vehicle Bay (10-ton Long Duration Lifeboat), 10 Vehicle Bay (10-ton Short Duration Lifeboat).

Statistics: EMass 6,182.33 stons, LMass 6,532.33 stons, Cost MCr650.05, HP: 90,000 (DT 9,000), Size Modifier: +10, HT 12, Maint. 0.8 Hrs (122.4 man-hrs./day).

Performance: Jump-3, sAccel 3.03 G / 3.30 G (empty tanks), Air Speed 600 mph (aLift 28,560 stons), Dodge 1 + 1/2 Pilot Skill (-4 vs Meson Fire).

Printed with GMV Version 2.32.01 on 3/2/2006 9:20:44 PM

- Because of the comparative inefficiency of TL10 thrusters, I had to lower the maneuver performance from 4G/2G to 3G/1.3G. While a reduction, it is still better than I expected, quite frankly.
- Even though there is room for three weapons in each turret (and hull mount), I intentionally only included two weapons to be as faithful as possible. Feel free to use three in each like any sensible person would.
- I included the Sickbay, Emergency Aid Station, Logistics module, Damage Control Locker, and Galleys to match the deckplan descriptions in Adv#4.
- I included the Hall/Conference Room to represent the two lounges.
- I gave it 500 DR to represent the factor 2 armor in Adv#4. Factor 2 armor is actually much higher than 500 DR, but the 500 DR is reasonable for the GURPS Traveller setting.
- The crew total is fiddly with GMV. Feel free to adjust as necessary. However, since the total is still less than the 56 listed in Adv#4, I just left it alone.
- It has an unstreamlined hull because GURPS Traveller "unstreamlined" is the same as Classic Traveller "partially streamlined". This works perfectly with its "closed structure" configuration.

This ship was created using Tom Bont's GURPS Modular Vehicles v2.32.01.