500-ton Condor-class System Defence Boat (TL12)

This ship is designed to wait and hide for as long as necessary. It is also intended to allow all of the crew to have their own stateroom. The bunk room is actually used as a common area, but also provide for extra life support should that ever be necessary.

Crew: 15 Total. 6 Command and Control, 3 Engineers, 1 Medical, 5 Gunners.

Design: 500-ton SL Hull, Heavy Frame, DR 4,504, Heavy Compartmentalization, Radical Stealth, Radical Emission Cloaking, 1 Hull Mount with three 500mm Missile Rack [10], three 500mm Turret Load [x10], 1 Turret, SL (DR 2,252) with three 405 Mj Std Laser, 2 Turret, SL (DR 2,252) with two 700 Mj Fusion Gun, 1 Turret, SL (DR 2,252) with one 1.4 Gj Particle Beam.

Modules: Command Bridge, Compact x2 (Hardened), Enh Sensors, Underwater Electronics, Enh Commo Suite, Engineering, 256 Maneuver Drive (25,600 stons thrust), Utility, 15 Stateroom, Bunk Room, Emergency Aid Station, Low Berth (4 Cryoberths), Galley, Armory, 40 Hold, 10 Vehicle Bay (10-ton Launch), 8 Anti-Blast Magazine (8x500mm Magazine Load [x11]).

Statistics: EMass 4,051.23 stons, LMass 4,251.23 stons, Cost MCr309.87, HP: 82,500 (DT 4,125), Size Modifier: +9, HT 12, Maint. 1.1 Hrs (84.5 man-hrs./day).

Performance: sAccel 6.02 G, Air Speed 6,972 mph, Dodge 3 + 1/2 Pilot Skill (-4 vs Meson Fire).

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